What is the difference between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas? (2024)

What is the difference between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas?

A cape is a high point of land that narrowly extends into a body of water. Here, Cape Point, near Cape Town, South Africa, juts into the Atlantic Ocean. The area between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas, about 150 kilometers (90 miles) away, forms the boundary between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

What is so special about Cape Point?

While its wild, unspoilt beaches are the main attraction in summer, Cape Point Nature Reserve (7 750 hectares) is nevertheless a wonderful day-trip destination all year round for hikers, history buffs, photographers, birders and nature lovers alike.

How much further south is Cape Agulhas than Cape Point?

Many people still believe that Cape of Good Hope is the southern-most tip of the African continent but that title belongs to Cape Agulhas–the inconspicuous rocky headland about 150 km further south.

What is another name for Cape Agulhas?

The cape was named by Portuguese navigators, who called it Cabo das Agulhas—Portuguese for "Cape of Needles"—after noticing that around the year 1500 the direction of magnetic north (and therefore the compass needle) coincided with true north in the region.

Is it worth going to Cape Agulhas?

Cape Agulhas, where two oceans meet, is not on most travel groups' itineraries, but it's definitely a place you should visit once in a lifetime. Peaceful and tranquil, away from the busy Cape Town, spending one day in Cape Agulhas is one of the best things to do in South Africa!

Why do people go to Cape Point?

One of the main attractions when visiting Cape Point are undoubtedly the two lighthouses. The first, known as the Cape Point lighthouse, can be easily hiked up to (or you can catch the Funicular, if preferred) and is a popular viewing spot from which to truly soak up the wild, untamed Cape Point.

Can you see the two oceans meet at Cape Point?

While it is a breathtaking view, there is no definition between the two oceans, so you won't see a line in the water. This being said, Cape Point Nature Reserve is absolutely stunning – although not the ACTUAL location where two oceans meet.

Can you see Antarctica from Cape Point?

One Point, A Million Points of View

Knowing that the next closest landmass, when you look across the icy seas, is Antarctica – more than 4,000 kilometres away. The panoramic views that spread out before you are breath-taking.

Why is Cape Agulhas famous?

A must-visit location for locals and tourists, L'Agulhas is famous for being South Africa's most southern town. The official location where the two oceans meet, visitors from all over the world are drawn to the 'Tip of Africa' where the Atlantic and Indian ocean converge.

How much does it cost to enter Cape Point?

Cape Point
1 November 2023 – 31 October 2024Adults (12+ years)Children (2 – 11 years)
South African Citizens and ResidentsR100R50
SADC NationalsR200R100
International (non-South African) CitizensR400R200

Why is the sea so rough in South Africa?

The cold currents of the Atlantic and the warm currents of the Indian Ocean collide near South Africa's southern tip—near the regions of the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Agulhas. In the reference given above, you may find mariners' logs saying how treacherous South African seas can really be.

What is tip of Africa called?

The Cape of Good Hope is located at the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula, which is also home to Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa. The Cape was originally named the Cape of Storms in the 1480s by the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias.

What are the two oceans that meet at Cape Point?

In our hearts Cape Point is where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Technically they meet at Cape Agulhas.

Can you swim in Cape Agulhas?

Go for a cold water swim: It is quite rocky on the coastline, but you can have a lovely dip in the lagoon or go for a swim at Struisbaai.

Can you swim at Cape Agulhas?

The sea is perfect for swimming or surfing, thanks to its consistent waves. This is a rocky beach in places, which means that there are also loads of rock pools for little ones to explore for hours.

How much does it cost to visit Cape Agulhas?

FAQS: Cape Agulhas National Park

The entrance price to Agulhas National Park is R50/25 per adult/child for locals and R200/100 for foreigners.

What do you wear to Cape Point?

It is advisable to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a jacket. Keen hikers can expect safe hiking trails led by an experienced guide. With the area's abundant assortment of excellent eateries, there would be a restaurant to please every individual taste.

Is Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope the same?

Cape Point is in the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve within Table Mountain National Park, which forms part of the Cape Floral Region, a World Heritage Site. It includes the majestic Table Mountain chain, which stretches from Signal Hill to Cape Point, and the coastlines of the Cape Peninsula.

What's the difference between Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point?

Cape Point is the small cape jutting out towards the east from The Cape of Good Hope at the southern end of the Peninsula. The lighthouse is on Cape Point, rather than on the Cape of Good Hope to the west.

Where does the sky and the ocean meet?

The horizon is the line that separates the Earth from the sky. Some of the best places to see the unobstructed horizon are beaches, where the ocean meets the sky in an uninterrupted line.

What ocean is False Bay?

False Bay (Afrikaans: Valsbaai) is a body of water in the Atlantic Ocean between the mountainous Cape Peninsula and the Hottentots Holland Mountains in the extreme south-west of South Africa. The mouth of the bay faces south and is demarcated by Cape Point to the west and Cape Hangklip to the east.

What is the difference between sea and ocean?

In terms of geography, seas are smaller than oceans and are usually located where the land and ocean meet. Typically, seas are partially enclosed by land. Seas are found on the margins of the ocean and are partially enclosed by land.

Is it legal to explore Antarctica?

Travelers do not need permission to go to Antarctica, but tourism operators must hold a valid permit. First, a bit of background on why it is legal to visit Antarctica. Antarctica is not a country. The continent is protected by the Antarctic Treaty, which preserves it for peaceful and scientific use.

Why is there a no fly zone over Antarctica?

Antarctica, more isolated than the Arctic, has no diversion airports, effectively making the region a no-go zone for scheduled passenger services. The 1979 crash of Air New Zealand's Antarctic sightseeing trip didn't help perceptions of Antarctic flying.

What is the funicular at Cape Point?

Flying Dutchman Funicular

It's the only commercial funicular of its type in Africa, and takes its name from the local legend of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship. The line runs from a lower station at the Cape Point car park, up an incline through dense fynbos to the upper lighthouse.


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